Alphabet Fridge Magnets

So, it's been awhile since I posted a tutorial and I've been wanting to do this for some time too, so here's a tutorial on how to make Alphabet Fridge Magnets! :)

My story behind those magnets:
in Latvia, it's quite popular for store chains to release some kind of offers for a period of time, where you have to collect stickers you get from purchases in order to buy some items with a discount or you can just get stuff for free. This summer, there was this offer for some drink glasses for kids, and they were also giving people little packets of fridge magnets with cartoon characters on them along with some stickers. It was all lovely until there were so many magnets, that they were reapeating themselves and there was no use to them. So I decided that I could use those leftover magnets for this project!

 These magnets are 4x4 cm. If you can't get anything close to these, you can buy magnet sheets and cut out little squares the size you want them to be.
 These are this thin, so the magnet sheets I mentioned will work just the same!

 The pictures are just glossy paper and  you must take them off (I guess this is kind of for my latvian readers).
 If the paper won't come off, soak the magnets in water until the paper is wet.

 Wipe off excess water when you've removed the paper. I left a bit of the whiteness to the magnet just to know which side I should stick the picture to.
 Now, if you're not sure about your letter-drawing skills, you can always download a font to use for this project and print out little squares with the letters on them. If your fine with drawing your own letters, follow the next few steps.
 You will need:
- Magnets (or, as I mentioned before, magnet sheets to cut out your own shapes)
- Paper (I used white printer paper)
- Scissors
- White Glue
- Paint Brush
- Pen, Markers or Pencils
- Adhesive P.P. Film (you can have a better idea of what it is in this tutorial.)
- Ruler (optional)
 Pour a bit of glue somewhere to make things easier.
 Then apply a thin layer of white glue to the top of the magnet.

 Then stick the magnet to the paper sheet. Make sure there are no air bubbles (I failed at this myself)!

 Repeat this process with other magnets.

 This shouldn't happen.
 When the glue has dried, cut them out!

 Now is the fun part - letter drawing! I used a black gel pen.
As you can see, my magnets have a bit of wrinkles here and there.

 That's not the whole alphabet, because I ran out of magnets, but I did make the rest afterwards!
 Then I colored in the letters with some markers, I also run out of colors! :o

To make these magnets kind of waterproof, and also to make things easier with this step, cut out strips of adhesive film the width of the squares, cover magnets with it one by one and then cut them out separately.
Round the corners with scissors, if the magnets have rounded corners or just make them rounded, your choice. :)
And you're done! Stick them to the fridge and let the kids, your friends or other family members play around. Me and my friend put 'Good Morning! or 'Have a nice day!' on the door for awhile, and someone always had fun putting naughty words there, the sky's the limit for these ones! :)