Mini eBay Haul

Hello! :)

I've done some shopping on eBay recently, and I've already received some goodies to show you! :)

Now, I know that hauls are usually in a video form, but why couldn't I post it on my blog instead? Besides, I think it's nice to try out something new to post on here. :)

I know that a lot of people are quite scared to purchase something from eBay, because most of the sellers are from Asia and the items might not arrive or can be of bad quality. But I've tried it before, my family members have, and if something goes wrong, you can always contact the seller and ask for a refund, and if that doesn't help, you can scare them with negative feedback - most sellers will react immediately, because they are terrified of receiving it! :)

Why eBay?
Well, most of the items in our stores are from Asia anyways, so why not try and get something for cheaper on there, instead of buying over-priced items of the same quality from shops? (Note that I'll still purchase from shops, this was more like a test to see how nice the items are from eBay.)

Ok, on to the haul! :)

Last week, I received these two:

I just can't resist a cute watch and a cute necklace! :D The watch was a 'buy it now' purchase and the watch was on an auction.

 There were watches with black and leopard straps left only (white and gold chain sold out). I couldn't choose between the two, so I bought the black one, because it might be more sophisticated for my age. :D
The watch works great, and it's of very nice quality. Only the strap was a bit too long for me, so I made another hole in it to make it a bit tighter.

My next purchase was this enamel and gold moustache necklace, for 0,21£ (an auction). This necklace is also of nice quality, but it was hanging wrong! 

 The chain was put through those loops, causing the moustache to face down. So I just took the chain off, split it in half and connected both ends to the moustache itself. Now it's perfect! :)

 Today I received these two:

 It's a chiffon bird print blouse and a pair of orange feather earrings!

 (exuse me the non-ironed blouse)

It looks just like the photo and the quality is great! :)
I was a bit worried about the size, because there were only asian sizes left in that shop (there are tons of other sellers with this same blouse, but I found the cheapest 'buy it now' one). I choosed asian size S and was ready to face the fact that it will be on the small side (the smaller the size, the cheaper; I read that asian sizes are two sizes smaller than EU size).
Turns out it fits me perfectly!

 Actually, it was a big bargain, because I know myself that chiffon is very hard to sew together, and this one is quite well-made for such cheap price!

 I bought it for the lovely bird print (my closet lacks prints) and also for these sleeves, gotta love rolled-up sleeves! :)

As for the earrings, it was an easy purchase, these costed me only 0,11£!
Though, it depends on how the auction goes and how popular the item is. Be aware that sometimes there are a lot of bidders and you might not get your item!

I love those orange and spotted feathers, those earrings sure go great together with my new blouse! :)

Items I bought:
- Bird Print Chiffon Blouse
- Cat Wristwatch (the one I bought or this one I just found)
- Moustache Necklace (this one or this one, both similar and non-auction)
- Feather Earrings (might not be available or must search for similar ones)

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this post, it was quite fun to make! :)